Alabama District

2017-2018 Alabama District Executive Board

District Officers and Committee Chairs




Alabama District Director

Brother Larry Softley


Alabama Assistant District Director

Brother Xavier Thomas


Alabama District Director Elect

Brother Dakari Cleveland


Immediate Past Alabama District Director

Brother Reuben Johnson


Alabama District Area I Director

Brother Clifford March


Alabama District Area II Director

Brother Clifford Kennon


Alabama District Area III Director

Brother Lee Jenkins


Alabama District Area IV Director

Brother Gary Jackson


Alabama District Area V Director

Brother Greg Jackson


Alabama District Area VI Director

Brother Reginald Howell


Alabama District Area VII Director

Brother Darren Douthitt


Alabama District Executive Director

Brother Okoro Leslie


Alabama District Deputy Director

Brother Cedric Burden

Alabama District Treasurer

Brother Rufus Hudson


Alabama District Financial Secretary

Brother Roy Saulsberry


Alabama District Senior Advisor

Brother Wilbert Brown


Alabama District Chaplain

Brother Manuel Williams


Southern Region Vice President

Brother Kelsey Rushing


Southern Region Assistant Vice President

Brother Nicholas Collins


Southern Region Executive Director

Brother Carlos Smith


Alabama District Assistant Area I Director

Brother Andrew Jones


Alabama District Assistant Area II Director

Brother Nicholas Preston


Alabama District Assistant Area III Director

Brother Christian Crawford

Alabama District Assistant Area IV Director

Brother Jordan Carter


Alabama District Assistant Area V Director

Brother Jabari Wilson


Alabama District Assistant Area VI Director

Brother Darryl Shelton


Alabama District Assistant Area VII Director

Brother Chris Albernathy


Alabama District Recording Secretary

Brother Ken Webb


Alabama District Legal Council

Brother Warren Young


Alabama District Parliamentarian

Brother Dr. Rod Sheppard

Alabama District Editor of the Sphinx

Brother Bryant Ivey


Alabama District Historian

Brother Carlos Adams


Alabama District Sergeant at Arms

Brother Felix Howard


Alabama District Director of Educational Activities

Brother Dr. Duriel Barlow


Alabama District Director of Conventions

Brother Roman Gary


Alabama District Chief Dean

Brother Clinton Johnson



Committees & Chairs


Corporate Sponsors

Brother Rufus Hudson


Chairman College Brothers Affairs

Brother Cameron Thomas


Oratorical Chair

Brother Cedric Burden


Debate Chair

Brother Larry Saulsberry


Scholars Bowl Chair

Brother Dr. Duriel Barlow


March for Babies

Brother Dr. Laurentis Barnett


National Programs

Brother Anthony Oliver

Voteless People Is A Hopeless People

Brother Eddie Compton


Project Alpha


Go To High School/Go To College


Brothers Keeper

Brother Derrick Chatman


Big Brothers/Big Sisters


Grievance and Discipline

Brother David Points
and Brother Ricardo Woods



Brother Eric Lumpkin



Brother Gregory Clark


St. Jude

Brother Clifford Kennon



Brother Mike Mayberry


Alabama Policy Council

Brother Eddie Compton



Brother Dr. Rod Sheppard


Miss Black and Gold

Brother Brandon Harris


Step Show

Brother Jared Tarver

Life Membership

Brother Walter Turner


Hall of Fame

Brother Darren Douthitt



Brother Leroy Simmons


Time and Place

Brother Melvin Brown



Brother Frank Jenkins



Mackroyce Corbitt, Jr.